What’s the difference between the Flash and the new WebRTC audio-video technology?

Both audio-video versions available in the new room are consistent when it comes to the features and user interface. The only difference between these versions is about the technology they use:

  • New audio-video technology (WebRTC)

This audio-video version works on the HMTL5 technology and WebRTC – the highest HTML5 standard that connects your browser with ClickMeeting platform in real time.

This technology not only makes your work with the application smooth and much more comfortable, but above all – delivers your webinar audience razor-sharp audio-video quality.

On the top of this, it is very easy to use, and it doesn’t require installing a Flash plugin.

  • Flash audio-video technology.

This audio-video version works on Flash technology and requires installing a Flash plugin. It’s a freeware web plugin that enables web browsers to open multimedia content.